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  The founder of Neu Kreation Limited, has 30 years experience in the Toy
Industry including design, manufacturing, marketing and all related aspects.
20 years ago, he started this one which focused on the Educational and
Construction toys market.

Today, our Vision is to provide our future generations with a better environment
to live in, to equip and train them both physically and spiritually with the
appropriate tools and guidance.

One of our Mission is to provide children with toy products that promote basic
discipline and trainings in an interesting approach like :

Concentration; Task undertaking; EQ; Creativity; IQ; Hand skill
Responsibility; Coordination; Participation

We have achieved this end by continual product research and development.
Each year we have something new and exciting to add on to our existing line.

Quality product is the standard of our company, we excel the others by using
virgin grade materials which are safe and environmental friendly for recycle.
We put the benefit of mother nature and human mankind as our top priority.
We are a company with high sense of social accountability and meet all the
code of conduct in the industry.

Well, we have made may our satisfied customers over the years and we look
forward to adding you into the list.

neu kreation limited
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